Make Money Surfing the Net

Many companies are shelling out big bucks for people like you and I to do various tasks on the internet, and many of them we already do. These companies are paid by advertisers that want you to recieve their information in various ways, or perhaps they are a new company and needs a website reviewed or market research done.

This is where we come in-- the consumer.

Imagine getting paid to read your email, to surf the internet, to use search engines, or complete simple surveys. People out there are making hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month by doing this from the comfort of your own home in your spare time. Why not you?

Let me show you how its done.

Listed below are various sites that will pay you for doing various tasks. Every site is free to sign up with. Once you sign up with them, you are free to start making money. You have nothing to lose, so why not give it a shot?

 I Think Inc.
Fill out surveys for money and prizes.
Visit websites and participate in special offers for cash. I like this one. Please use my email as your referral:
 Desktop Horizons
Pays you .60 an hour to surf the net. Right now the current max is 40 hours per month.
 All Advantage
Pays you .50 an hour to surf up to 40 hours. 
 All Community
Pays you to read email and surf. Surfing pays .50 per hour up to 40 hours.
Pays you to read email messages.
 Surfing to Cash
Pays you to surf.
 Get Paid 4
Pays a minimum of .55 an hour to surf. November's payout was $1.00 per hour! Max of 75 hours! This is a good one! Use my ID when signing up: ravenstarr
 It Ads Up
Pays .50 an hour to surf up to 60 hours.
 Shark Hunt
London based. Pays 25p an hour to surf. No limit on hours stated, so maybe there are none.
Pays %40 percent of revenue to its users to surf. Does not appear to have a limit on hours.
 Point Click
Pays people to use their search engine. My ID is ravenstarr.
Program that works much like MyPoints or Cybergold. Points are very easy to collect. Use my email as your referrer:
 My Points
Collects points by visiting websites sent to you via email. Use my ID as your referrer: ravenstarr
 Send More Info
Get paid to read email messages.
 Value Pay
Pays you to surf. 
Pays users %75 percent of revenue to surf. No limit on earnings.
 Extra $alary
Pays users .50 an hour to surf up to 40 hours.
 Twisted Humor
Get paid to recieve jokes in your email. This one is fun.
 All Paid 4
Earn cash for visiting sites. Similar to Cybergold.
 Vip Benefits
Pays to surf.
Pays users $1.00 per hour to surf!
 Target Shop
Good money to be found here. Can get up to $40 just for signing up!
 Money For Mail
Get paid to read email.
A better paying search engine. Limit of $100 a month! Use my ID: ravenstarr
 What's Hot Now
Get Hot$ to vote on various things. Convert Hot$ to cash or use them to shop online. The amount of points you can collect is phenominal and is disgustingly easy. I still haven't collected all available points simply because I don't have enough time. VERY easy money. Please use my email addy as your referrer:
 Click Thru Network
Get paid for using their search engine.
Another pay to surf program.
Earn cash by using this free web based email account.
 Prize Window
Another pay to surf program.
Essentially a pay to shop program. Use their bar to find the best prices and get paid for it.
 Cash Surfers
A pay to surf program with unlimited hours. 
Get paid for having them as your start page. Not a bad site either.
 Big Referral
This one is interesting. Not sure what the point of this one is except you only get paid to refer people. No surfing, no email, nothing. 
Get paid to use this nifty little tool that makes using the net a little easier. Not a cashbar! Is about the size of your start button and sits in the taskbar.
My Own Empire
This place is cool. Get paid to surf and use them as your start page. Earn cash and REAL stock in REAL companies that are worth REAL money! Its not this "free stock" from lame companies that aren't worth anything. Sign up with this one! Tell them Ravenstarr sent you please so I can get more shares! 
Another humor site where you can earn cash. These are fun.
 Click Mail
Get paid to read email!
Get paid to use their search engine.
Get paid to give your opinion on businesses in your area. Hated the service? Loved the dinner? This is the place to voice it-- and earn a little cash while your at it.

 Fill this out real quick and they send my kids and you a free toy.

If you know of any other good programs out there, let me know.

Please don't spam my address. I refer all spam to all listed domains in the email, webmasters of the websites, and put you on block sender. I get enough crap in my box doing what I do every day. I don't need spam on top of it please.